Woofer/tweeter matcher

Speaker does not give response to all frequency (i.e. identical frequency is only detected by speaker). Often low frequency is detected but high frequency is not detected by speaker. In order to overcome this type of problem sound system utilize woofer and tweeter. If the signal from amplifier is directly fed to woofer or tweeter then it may not produce the actual sound. To overcome this type of problem a matcher circuit is used which maintain the ratio of sound quality.

Circuit Description:-

The circuit of woofer/tweeter matcher is very simple utilizing few components (i.e. two diode, two capacitors with a variable resistor). Signal from amplifier is directly given to woofer because woofer only allows low frequency by rejecting high frequency. High frequency from amplifier is given to tweeter through preset VR1 and capacitor C1 and C2. Preset VR1 is used to adjust the ratio of sound given to woofer and tweeter from amplifier.

circuit diagram of woofer and tweeter matcher


Resistor (all ¼-watt, ± 5% Carbon)

VR1 = 47 Ω


C1, C2 = 10 µF/25V (electrolytic)


D1, D2 = 1N4148


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  1. Dear Sir, Please tell me that is there any replacement for BFW10 and BF194 TRs used in Walky and talky circuit. Thanks in advance1

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