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If you have a old valve type with weak radio receiver that can't even receive short wave signal without an external aerial. Then here is the shoot wave booster circuit for you by the help of which you can convert the old valve radio into a power pack receiver. You can find the circuit here can be used  with a 2-band transistor receiver to boost the SW signals. More about it permits extensive broadcast band with any simple AM radio receiver.



R1680 k
VR14.7 k
C1 , C20.01 U
C30.02 U
BATTBattery 9volt
-PBC, Hardware, aerial and others



sw am booster circuit
sw am booster circuit




The transistor T1 (BFl95D) is wired as a common-emitter RF amplifier with base bias taken from the collector and also forms a tuned circuit along with L1 and VC1. Collector voltage is taken from the positive rail through a variable potentiometer VR1 as it should be varied for getting the desired performance. VC1 must be adjusted for optimum performance and short wave DXing. Point A should be attached to a crocodile clip and then connected to the aerial points of the receiver. A small telescopic aerial should be attached over the cabinet of the booster from point C as shown in the circuit diagram.

Assemble the unit on a small general-purpose project board. House it in a small plastic cabinet with the antenna coil L1 and the ferrite rod cemented to the side or back of the cabinet using an adhesive like araldite for best performance. Adjust coil L1 over the ferrite rod before cementing it on to the cabinet. The unit should be positioned parallel to the built-in antenna coil of the receiving set.


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