Dry Cell Charger

We all know that dry cell is not rechargeable due to this expense on battery is more. In order to overcome this problem the innovative group Dreamlover technology design and test a electronics circuit “Dry Cell Charger”. By using this circuit we can charge dry cell 6 to 8 time (i.e. expense on battery is reduced by 6 to 8 times).

Circuit Description

The circuit of dry cell charger is very simple utilizing very few components. The working of this circuit is based on PCR (Periodic Current Reversal) principle. Where low AC voltage is given to dry cell for charging. A 6V-0V/1 amp secondary transformer is used for step down of AC voltage. The time for charging is 12 to 16 hour.

circuit diagram of dry cell charger


Resistors (all ¼-watt, ± 5% Carbon)

R1 = 150 Ω/2W

R2 = 22 Ω/2W


D1 = 1N4007


X1 = 6-0V/1 Amp secondary transformer

B1 = 6V lamp



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