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  1. Sensitive Optical Burglar Alarm
  2. Sound Operated Music Bell
  3. The Yamaha Sound
  4. 2-tone-door-bell
  5. Advanced Burglar Alarm from Dual-Op Amp
  6. Beeper and Visual Indicator
  7. Doorbell Circuit
  8. Electronics Clapper
  9. Flasher with Beeper
  10. Intruder Alarm
  11. Man Machine Sound Generator
  12. Mains Trigger Music Door Bell
  13. Melody Doorbell
  14. Multi Sound Generator
  15. Simple Electronics Siren
  16. Simple Siren using Dual OP-AMP
  17. Single Chip Memory Call bell
  18. Wireless Controlled Doorbell
  19. Motor Bike Brake Horn


  1. Wind Sound Generator
  2. White LF Noise Generator
  3. Universal Battery Tester
  4. Traffic Light Controller
  5. Sound Operated Timer
  6. Simple Pulse Generator
  7. Simple Low/High Voltage Cut Circuit
  8. Simple Frequency Meter
  9. Musical AF/IF Checker
  10. Mini Amplifier
  11. Flashlight with Twilight Switch
  12. Crystal Tester
  13. Low-cost Touch Sensitive Switch
  14. Multi-way switch
  15. AC Mains Voltage Indicator
  16. Anti Bag Snatching Alarm
  17. Automatic Dipper For Vehicles
  18. Automatic Temperature Controlled Fan
  19. Battery Voltage Monitor
  20. Bridge Power Audio Amplifier
  21. Car Reverse Horn
  22. Co-axial Cable Tester
  23. Direction Indicator
  24. Electronics Motor Controller
  25. Electronics Thermometer
  26. Fridge Alert System
  27. Infrared Remote Controller
  28. Infrared Remote Control Switch
  29. LED-Based Reading Lamp
  30. Light Dimmer
  31. Light Sensitive Switch
  32. Microphone Amplifier
  33. Motor Protection
  34. Multi Switch Controlled Relay
  35. Noise Meter
  36. Ohm Meter
  37. Sound Operated Light
  38. Sound Pressure Meter
  39. Soldering Iron Temperature Controller
  40. Telephone Amplifier
  41. Temperature Controller
  42. Simple Temperature Meter
  43. Test a Diode | Zener Diode
  44. Simple beeper circuit
  45. Arduino based distance sensor



  1. Power Supply Resumption Alarm
  2. Voltage Stepper
  3. Plant Tender
  4. Doorbell Controlled Porch Light
  5. Electronics Portable Organ
  6. Electronics Street Light Switch
  7. Fire Alarm Using Thermister
  8. Fuse and Power Failure Indicator
  9. IC Tester
  10. Mobile Cellphone Charger
  11. Timer IC Tester
  12. Transistor and Diode Tester
  13. Bicolour LED flasher circuit



  1. Advanced LED Temperature Indicator
  2. Clap Operated Remote Control for Fans
  3. Counter Circuit | Digital Counter
  4. Device Switching Using Password
  5. Digital DC Motor Speed Controller
  6. Digital Mains Failure/ Resumption Alarm
  7. Digital Nocturnal Nuisance
  8. Duty Cycle Selector
  9. Electronics Counter | Digital counter
  10. Frequency Multiplier
  11. Frequency Shift Keying (FSK) Demodulator
  12. LED Indicator Light
  13. LED Running Light
  14. Multi-Mode Running Light
  15. Three In One Tone Generator
  16. Twilight Lamp Blinker
  17. Versatile Digital Tester



  1. Electronics Lucky Number
  2. Single Chip Dice
  3. Quiz Display
  4. Simple Head and Tail
  5. Electronics Cricket on Board
  6. Electronics Gambling Game
  7. Electronics Grasshopper
  8. Game Circuit for Steady Hand
  9. Programmable Electronics Dice Project
  10. Simple Quiz Display




  1. Microprocessor Based Home Security System
  2. Temperature Indicator Using AT89C52
  3. Safety Guard For Blind
  4. Stepper Motor Speed Using
    Microcontroller AT89C51


  1. PC Based DC Motor Speed Control
  2. PC-Based Candle Ignitor
  3. PC-Based Data Logger



  1. Stabilized Power Supply With Short-Circuit Indication
  2. Solid state voltage indicator with high voltage cutout
  3. DC-TO-DC Converter
  4. Full Feature Touch Control Programmable Power
  5. Over Voltage Protector
  6. Power Supply for Integrated Circuit and
  7. Ripple Free Short Circuit Protected Variable Output
    Voltage and Current Power Supply
  8. Switching Regulator 1
  9. Switching Regulator 2
  10. Auto changeover from Generator to Mains Supply



  1. Touch operated Band switch for Radio Set
  2. AM Transmitter
  3. 70/40 Watts Hi-fi Amplifier
  4. Audio Amplifier for Portable Radio Receiver
  5. Audio Function Generator
  6. Bass Booster
  7. Signal Booster | Short Wave Radio
  8. High Precision Frequency and Voice Detector
  9. Simple FM transmitter
  10. Simple and Powerful FM Receiver
  11. Triangular Wave Generator
  12. Stereo Simulator
  13. Walky-Talky
  14. Woofer/tweeter Matcher
  15. Two in one Radio with Transceiver



  1. Cell Sever
  2. Dry Cell Charger
  3. How to: Video Streaming Between PC
    and Android
  4. Phone Locker
  5. Quartz Watch Tester
  6. Simple Counter Using Calculator
  7. Window Charger



  1. Long Time Period Automatic Timer
  2. Appliance Timer
  3. CMOS Pocketable TimeKeeper
  4. Mains Operated Log-interval Timer
  5. Off Timer with Alarm
  6. Programmable Timer
  7. Programmable Timer for Appliance
  8. The Universal Timer
  9. Timer with Musical Alarm



Various Bridge Circuits

  1. Wheatstone AC Bridge
  2. Maxwell’s Inductance Bridge
  3. Maxwell-Wien Bridge or Maxwell’s L/C Bridge
  4. Anderson Bridge
  5. Hay’s Bridge
  6. Heaviside-Campbell Equal Ratio Bridge
  7. The Owen Bridge
  8. Schering Bridge | Capacitance Measurement
  9. De Sauty Bridge
  10. Wien Parallel Bridge | Frequency Measurement


Half-Wave Rectifier

  1. Single-Phase Half-Wave Rectifier
  2. Average and RMS Value of Single-Phase
    Half-Wave Rectifier
  3. Efficiency of Single-Phase Half-Wave Rectifier
  4. Frequency Component of Single-Phase
    Half-Wave Rectifier Voltage and Current
  5. Ripple Factor of Single-Phase Half-Wave Rectifier
  6. Peak Inverse Voltage (PIV) of Single Phase
    Half-Wave Rectifier
  7. Peak Current of Single Phase Half-Wave Rectifier
  8. Transformer Utilization Factor (TUF) of Single
    Phase Half Wave Rectifier
  9. Advantage and Disadvantage of Single-Phase
    Half-Wave Rectifier
  10. Three-Phase Half-Wave Rectifier
  11. Six-Phase Half-Wave Rectifier

Full-Wave Center-Tap Rectifier

  1. Single-Phase Full-Wave Rectifier
  2. Average and RMS Value of Center-Tap
    Full Wave Rectifier
  3. Efficiency of Single-Phase Center-Tap
    Full-Wave Rectifier
  4. Frequency Component of Single-Phase
    Center-Tap Full-Wave Rectifier
  5. Regulation of Single-Phase Full-Wave
    Center-Tap Rectifier
  6. Ripple Factor of Single-Phase Center-Tap
    Full-Wave Rectifier
  7. Peak Inverse Voltage of Single-Phase
    Center-Tap Full-Wave Rectifier
  8. Peak Current of Single-Phase Center-Tap
    Full-Wave Rectifier
  9. Transformer Utilization Factor (TUF) of
    Single-Phase Center-Tap Full-Wave Rectifier
  10. Advantage of Center-Tap Full-Wave Rectifier
  11. Three-Phase Center-Tap Full-Wave Rectifier

Bridge Rectifier

  1. Single-Phase Bridge Rectifier
  2. Average and RMS Value of Bridge Rectifier
  3. Efficiency of Bridge Rectifier
  4. Ripple Factor of Bridge Rectifier
  5. Peak Inverse Voltage (PIV) of Bridge Rectifier
  6. Peak Current of Bridge Rectifier
  7. Transformer Utilization Factor of Bridge Rectifier
  8. Advantage of Bridge Rectifier
  9. Disadvantage of Bridge Rectifier


  1. Pressure Based Hit Switch