Ripple Factor of single phase Half-Wave rectifier

When define in term of voltage, it is given by

 γ = rms value of ac component/dc value of load voltage

   = VL(ac)/VL(dc) = Vr(rms)/VL(dc)

In term of current, we have

 γ = IL(ac)/IL(dc)

We see from above,

IL(ac) = √IL2 – IL(dc)2

 γ = IL(ac)/IL(dc) =  √IL2 – IL(dc)2/IL(dc) = √(IL/IL(dc))2 – 1


IL/IL(dc) = form factor Kf

γ = √Kf2–1

In this case of Half-Wave rectifies with resistive load but no filter Kf = π/2 = 1.57

γ = √1.572 -1 = 1.21

Alternatively, the value of γ could be found as under:

If we neglect fourth and higher harmonics in the load current, then as seen from above

IL(ac) = √IL12 + IL22 + IL32 +………

       = √(ILM/2√2)2 + (√2ILM/3 π)2 + (√2ILM/15 π)2+ ………..

      = 0.358ILM

γ = IL(ac)/IL(dc)

     = 0.385 ILM/(ILM/π)

   = 0.358ILM/0.318ILM 

    = 1.21




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