Power Supply Resumption Alarm

Here is an audio annunciator which can be useful in factories, industries, auditoriums, and theatres etc where generator is used when power fails. It produces an alarm for a predetermined time when po ... Read more

Voltage Stepper

In conventional voltage multiplier circuits, AC is used to charge the capacitors network via diodes in one cycle and discharge in the other cycle in a particular combination, which thereby produces mu ... Read more

Electronics Carbon Gauge

Here is a simple circuit which will help driver, engine mechanics or pollution control officials to determine the amount of carbon (partially oxide fuel) emitting from engine. The basic circuit is so ... Read more

Plant Tender

If you are one of those people who would like to spend their well earned summer vacations in the comforts of a hill resort but worried about your potted companions back home, then a plant tender is wh ... Read more

Bicolour LED flasher circuit

Basically this circuit is similar to some flasher circuits already published in www.electronicsproject.org using IC555 as a free running multivibrator. The only difference lies in the way it flash usi ... Read more

Electronics Portable Organ

Most of the mechanical device is replaced by electronics circuit due to its portability, low cost, stable performance etc.  Here is a simple project “Portable Electronics Organ”  from single chi ... Read more

Fuse and Power Failure Indicator

Fuse blowing is common problem, but is so tedious to go and check because every time it may not blown. Here is a simple circuit of fuse and power failure indictor,for indicate the power failure by g ... Read more

Fire Alarm Using Thermistor

Many fire alarm circuit is published in different website. But, here in this website is a simple and inexpensive project of fire alarm using thermistor. where thermistor is used as temperature senso ... Read more

Doorbell-Controlled Porch light

Here is a simple circuit doorbell control porch light using timer IC (NE555),can be used in doorbell in order to get indication of porch light with door alarm if any one rings the door bell. Circuit D ... Read more


Here is a simple, expensive and easy to use electronics street light switch using LDR and NE555. The working of this circuit is truly based on light sensing, i.e. automatic turn it on in night (no sun ... Read more